Reason No. 4: Vichy France, Spain and Canada

This map...

…in particular takes the important role into account, Vichy France was playing in the plannings of the Nazis. The collaborative regime was meant to manage a still existing French colonial empire in Northern Africa, were Nazi Germany had no territorial interests (39). Hitler tried to win Spanish dictator Franco for the Axis, so he would conquer Gibraltar by attacking it from the mainland. Franco was demanding French territories at the common border (including Andorra, 40), in Algeria, Morrocco, Mauretania, Cameroon and Gabun. Hitler had in mind to reimburse the French State for German, Italian, Japanese and Spanish territorial claims by handing over former British colonies in Northern Africa to the Vichy Regime in return. This plan did not work out. Vichy France Leader Pillippe Pétain noticed, that the french empire still would have become smaller (23).

An agreement could have been reached if Vichy France was to keep all of Chad (instead of loosing it to Italy) as well as Madagascar (instead of loosing it to Nazi Germany), would have received all of Nigeria and had been promised Dutch Guayana and the Franco-Canadian province of Quebec. The French colonial empire then would have become bigger instead of smaller. Newfoundland and Labrador, which did not belong to Canada in WWII (41), have been seen as a possible permanent German bridgehead by authors of other maps before (42, 43). From there on troops of Vichy France would have been instrumental by persuading the Québécois that they were "liberating" them from Anglo-Canadian dominance. By occupying Quebec, they would have paved the road for the Wehrmacht to enter U.S. territory.

As a consequence the maritime provinces New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island would have been isolated from the rest of Anglo-Canada. They probably would have been added to the German Military Government in the remaining USA for reasons of convenience and to appease the Americans there with this "gift". To the west, the Japanese Government General of Alaska would have become a reality (24). Thus, on this map, the free Canada, Bob Hope has fled to, because there he can make jokes about the Nazis (1, p. 91), is a much smaller country. And, just like the RMS, it is a buffer state.